A historical Italian company born in 1969 in Milan under the name of its founder, Rudi Rabitti. In 2015 GioBagnara acquired the brand and relaunches it as Rabitti1969 in order to highlight its history, aiming to enliven its valuable long tradition.This union paves the way for a growth thanks to the addition of a collection of complementary items characterized by the clever use of the finest quality saddle leather as the sole structure of objects, enhancing the material’s attributes and properties.
Italian vegetable-tanned leather that guarantees not only high quality, but also style and individuality.
The dyeing process is based on the use of natural tannins and on a complete absence of chrome, coveying that characteristic genuine look and soft consistency which only natural leather without synthetic covering reveals.
A series of items that unite italian leather craftsmanship and design, offering a display of modern elegance carried out by the study of lines and shapes that leave out the unnecessary.A minimalistic design born from the consideration of everything down to the very last detail, which provides items with a timeless sense.
The brand features a wide range of capacious and stylish saddle leather storage baskets, masterpieces that are an integral part of a precious heritage. Either made with saddle leather as the only material or with the addition of wood parts, they help keeping things in order while giving a refined touch to a house.
Starting from the 80’s, the art of weave has been part of our patrimony and it still is. The original woven articles have been developed and improved, resulting in entire collections of saddle leather storage baskets of different sizes and shapes... The sound of weave when moved is something special. Like waves... natural. Elegant, rich and towering: being more than mere storage items, they contribute to a room’s personality.
Rabitti1969 products are made for those people who like to surround themselves with precious objects and have an eye for details.The aim is to give birth to items that can make a home special, accompanying us in our everyday life.