A brand that is distinctive for elegantly designed creations that express luxury without ostentation, available in an uncommon and virtually limitless color palette of leathers and suede, handcrafted to the highest standards using both traditional know-how and leading-edge technology.
This approach to tradition and modernity led Giorgio Bagnara to experiment: he constantly pushes technical limits in his quest for objects that are both beautiful and relevant, and in doing so relies on the skills of the company's craftspeople. 
Very quickly, GIOBAGNARA became renowned for its expertise, and its founder became a partner of choice for a large number of interior decorators and yacht and jet designers who called upon his know-how for special commissions.
In 2015, Giorgio Bagnara expanded its leather portfolio with the acquisition of the saddle leather specialist Rabitti 1969. Today, nearly two decades after its founding, GIOBAGNARA has one of the most comprehensive offers of leather home accessories on the market and is preparing to open a fresh chapter in its history.  
Born into a family renowned for cultivating for three generations the art of living, Giorgio Bagnara became passionate about his calling at a very early age. In the late Nineties, after noticing that leather from the fashion industry was not considered enough as material for home accessories, he founded GIOBAGNARA with the goal of applying it to a complete collection. Along with his wife, Vanessa, he decided to move his design studios and workshops in the old docks of the Port of Genoa where, surrounded by the essence and beauty of that location, the company took a significant step forward.